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Born out of an existential crisis, a vision, and an obsessive love for watches, Be Scene is an outlet to our obsession, a way for us to get our hands on as many vintage and modern watches as possible. But more than that, it's about kindling and sustaining our customers' love for the process of collecting. 

With wristwatch culture experiencing a renaissance on the internet, we believe that there is no reason to tolerate the old-world snobbery and baggage that so often accompanies the purchase of luxury goods. Whether you are into obscure and inexpensive mechanical military watches from the '50s, or ultra-complicated high-horology, we are all about democratising watch knowledge and interacting on a personal level.

Our goal lies in creating a community of like-minded enthusiasts, to join in the growth of our brand, and helping to curate your collection, whether just one watch for life, or 100 winding in the walk-in. We sell what we ourselves love to wear and that's all there is to it.